TAG – Larimer Square

Last night the Baroness and I found ourselves out and about and landed downtown at TAG. What started as an unassuming, fun night out with friends quickly turned into a work night for the Baron. Not to fear, the Baron is always ready for a good burg. Now, normally a nice place like TAG doesn’t have a burger on the menu, but we were in luck: sliders.

Normally, I wouldn’t waste my time with a measly little app. But this was something special. Not only did I decide to do a review for you Baronettes, but I ordered a second round of sliders just to review.

First things first: beef. unbelievable. and expertly cooked. Even after sitting for 3 minutes to satisfy my photo opp, this baby was still piping hot and rare in the middle to boot. The crust from our favorite, the Maillard reaction, caused my taste buds to dance with the vigor only beef can conjure. Despite lacking cheese, and a tiny bit of salt, the pièce de résistance made me (literally) do a double take. All a humble service for you, my friends, here at the Baron.

The bun was pillowy soft and fresh, like dreams are made of. I could have taken a nap on this baby. I will concede that by bite 3 (which is probably 2 too many) that classic burg ratios had missed the mark; not entirely unexpected for a slider.

While no burg or slider is ever complete without a thick slice of American cheese, the delectable, rich aioli mostly made up for this error.

All in all, def would eat this baby again while waiting for the main course. If you’re in the neighborhood and waiting for a play, opera, dinner, etc…you just get yourself an order of 4 TAG sliders and sit tight.



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