Denver Burger Battle 2015

The Denver Burger Battle is like the Super Bowl of cheeseburgers in Denver and this year was no exception. This year offered 13 showings, 14 if you were lucky enough to snag a VIP ticket. This event brings so much hype and excitement that I’ve been excited since last year. Ok, enough small talk. Let’s cut to the chase. There’s only one thing you all want from this post, and that’s a good review (or 14).

Let me start by giving you my top 5 cheeseburgers (the only list you need to know):

  1. Squeaky Bean
  2. Kobe An
  3. The Nickel
  4. Park Burger
  5. Acorn

I was supremely disappointed with the winner of Peoples’ Choice this year:

  1. TAG Burger Bar
  2. Kobe An
  3. Squeaky Bean

I mostly agree with the Judges’ Choice, but I will delve into why I don’t like their third pick later:

  1. The Nickel
  2. Squeaky Bean
  3. El Toro the Tot

Now for the juiciest photos and hot pressed reviews:

Smashburger (VIP only), Classic Smash Burger:Click to add a blog post for Smashburger on Zomato
For a quick starter in the VIP lounge, the Classic Smash from Smashburger was a nice addition the the VIP perks. I won’t dwell too long as it wasn’t a serious part of the competition. Juicy, beefy, well-proportioned…and I moved on.

Park Burger, Inferno:
Click to add a blog post for Park Burger on Zomato

As the first competition burger I tried this night, the burg was hot, beefy, cheesy, and not overly spicy, like last year’s TAG Burger entry. A good offering; in my top 5. However I wouldn’t wager to say this was incredible. But good. Park is my neighborhood go-to burger place after a rough day at the office, and I’m proud of what they put out.

Euclid Hall, Euclidian Burger:
Click to add a blog post for Euclid Hall on Zomato

I was not crazy about this burger. The duck fat had a game-y flavor I just couldn’t get behind. Also; very strong garlic flavor which was distracting.


Ophelia, Brothel Burger:
Click to add a blog post for Ophelia's on Zomato

This burger was very salty. I could definitely taste the soy in the Korean BBQ, and I didn’t love it. The pretzel bun wasn’t very helpful in complementing things. I quickly decided I wasn’t coming back for seconds.


Kobe An, American Kobe Ramen Slider:
Click to add a blog post for Kobe An on Zomato

Besides a less-than-functional ramen bun, this burger was surprisingly great. It was a rare, beefy, tangy, savory mess! It wasn’t as cheesy as I hoped, but the Asian style greens and glaze worked well with the beef. Definitely needed to come back to this one for the second round.

IMG_1880 IMG_1881

The Nickel, 7X Waygu Beef Burger:
Click to add a blog post for The Nickel on Zomato

It took me awhile to find the bone marrow in the aioli, which means it was a rare, beefy patty. Once I found the aioli, it was unmistakable. I loved the great dark flavors in this burger. Easily in my top 5, I will definitely have to visit the Nickel to have a full serving of this.

IMG_1882 IMG_1883

Crave Real Burgers, Jamaican Me Crazy:
Click to add a blog post for Crave Real Burgers on Zomato

I’m a true underdog supporter, and after Crave’s showing last year, I was hoping for something a bit more modest from them. This year’s offering was very sweet, which I didn’t love. I tasted more pork than beef, which should just not happen on a beef cheeseburger. Overall, ok but not great.

IMG_1884 IMG_1885

TAG Burger Bar, Truffle Shuffle:
Click to add a blog post for Tag Burger Bar on Zomato

TAG, you have done a disgraceful thing. You duped the masses into believing truffle oil makes a good burger; I hope you’re proud of what you’ve done! It’s like bringing a gun to a knife fight. The Truffle Shuffle is a shameful way to win the People’s Choice Award. The Truffle Shuffle is overdone and it’s all your fault!

IMG_1886 IMG_1887

Highland Tap and Burger, Lohi Luau:
Click to add a blog post for Highland Tap & Burger on Zomato

Very similar to Crave’s offering, but a little milder. I did enjoy a few crunchy bites of the slaw. Ok, but not great.

IMG_1888 IMG_1889

Acorn, Oak Grilled Double Cheese Burger:
Click to add a blog post for Acorn on Zomato

Acorn decided to use the same burger from last year after last year’s strong showing. I can understand the thought, but it’s a bold move. This burger had a nice charcoal-y flavor, reminiscent of summertime, with good proportions. Plainly a good burger, but not an award winner.

IMG_1890 IMG_1891
Click to add a blog post for El Toro the Tot on Zomato

El Toro the Tot, The Toro:

The burger I got from El Toro was woefully overcooked. I did like the savory sauce, but the overcooked patty was not going to drive me back for more. I’m surprised it made it into the Judges’ top 3 with inconsistency like this.

IMG_1892 IMG_1894

Squeaky Bean, Green Chile Cheeseburger:
Click to add a blog post for The Squeaky Bean on Zomato

This was, without question, my favorite burger of the night. It was deliciously beefy with a wonderful cascade of melty cheese. The bun was so soft that I could have taken a nap! The green chile offered a very “Colorado” flavor with mild spiciness that made me want to come back for more all night long.

IMG_1896 IMG_1897

Chop Shop, Bacon Wrapped “Meatloaf” Burger:
Click to add a blog post for Chop Shop on Zomato

Ben has reviewed Chop Shop before, and noted that it wasn’t very memorable. I agree here. I do remember not liking how sweet this burger was, which is the only memorable note.

IMG_1898 IMG_1899

D Bar, D Bar:
Click to add a blog post for D Bar on Zomato

D Bar was all about burger memorabilia and paraphernalia. Cakes, cupcakes, napkins, everything! I wish they had focused a bit more on the actual burger. The flavors weren’t bad, but this patty was SO DENSE. There were good cheese proportions, but it wasn’t noteworthy.

IMG_1902 IMG_1903

Fun DBB 2015 Photos:

IMG_1893IMG_1900 IMG_1904 IMG_1905 IMG_1909

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