Euclid Hall – Denver

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We went to Euclid Hall looking for beef. Whilst disappointed that they didn’t have any on hand, we didn’t go hungry…we decided to order the Brat Burger. It’s pork, not beef…and while the Cow is the greatest culinary invention of all time, if the Cow rules the world then his right hand man is no doubt the Pig. Have you ever had a lucid, creative thought in that span of time when you aren’t quite asleep yet, but mostly asleep? An idea that could’ve changed the world? But then you forget it the next morning? The guy who thought of sausage remembered that thought, and we’ve all benefited greatly. Euclid Hall made a burger out of it.

What follows is a brief review of said burger, and some pics that would excite the most staunch vegetarian.

Let’s start with the bun. It was a pretzel bun; while in vogue, I just can’t wrap my brain around a pretzel bun’s density. Heavy breading is distracting. That said, it did have a nice flavor that decently complimented the pork.

While pork outside of a casing runs the risk of drying out (and at least one person in our party thought this patty was a bit dry), it was spiced nicely and cooked decently enough. Personally, I am a sucker for pig. I love pigs. I like to eat pigs, in almost any form. (See paragraph 1.)

The 10,000 Island dressing had a nice tang, the slaw added a vinegar kick, and the Jarlsberg an excellent melt.

While we rarely discuss sides, our fries came with a bacon aioli. That’s right. More pig. And it was delicious.

Overall, I’d eat here again, given their commitment to meat. If I’m ever burned out on beef burgers (and if that happens just put me in the ground), Euclid Hall’s pork would suffice as an alternative.
DSCF1725 DSCF1726 DSCF1728

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