Shake Shack – Orlando

Guys. We’ve written about Shake Shack before. For instance, here and here

However, not all of our writers have eaten at this well regarded fast casual chain. Until now. I was the last…and my expectations were sky high. I mean, people I deeply trust when it comes to burgers have told me that Shake Shack was something to write home about. 

I’m here to tell you, unequivocally, that my expectations were too low. I visited the Orlando location a few weeks back and felt like a cow had slapped my momma. By a long shot, Shake Shake takes the crown for fast casual cheeseburgers. 

Visually, it was a sight to behold. The produce was bright and fresh, like an artist’s palette. 

My teeth then sunk into the lightly toasted cumulus cloud that is a Martin’s potato roll.  Simultaneously an explosive, almost volcanic burst of flavor blossomed across my tongue as the Halpern’s beef instantly rendered meaningless every lesser fast food patty I’ve ever eaten.  The Schreiber American cheese was almost liquid in its burger form, and coated the patty so plentifully I thought my heart would burst from sheer patriotism. 

I’m undone. Will anything ever top this? 


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