Perfect Pint – Times Square

Last week, the Baroness and I traveled back east to New York for a chance to unwind in the beautiful Hudson Valley (see Kabana Burger). Most of the time was spent upstate; however we did get a chance to make it to the City to see a show on Broadway, and of course, have a cheeseburger.

Due to time constraints, we weren’t able venture far from Times Square, but settled into this place called the Perfect Pint, close to our theatre. Their menu suggests the main attraction is the beer, but a few good burgs are spotlighted (Broadway pun intended).

My expectations weren’t too high, but I must say, I ended up being pleasantly surprised. The burger was served exactly as ordered: medium rare. The patty was delicious! Cooked to perfection with that beefy taste we all know and love, I was in ready to sit down and enjoy the show.

Not only was the patty well-done (pun intended; I’m on a roll), the burg was cheesy like you would hope and expect. The one drawback to this burg was the stale bun. This is one of the basics you must nail, and sadly it was missed.

I understand the draw of the Pint is the beer on tap, but for a pub, their burger was decent. Give me a fresh bun and I might go back, if there weren’t so many other notable burgers I have yet to try in NYC.

IMG_3032 IMG_3035 IMG_3036

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